Dora Akunyili's Show of Shame - By namski2410
I might sound cynical, but please could someone explain to me the rational behind this re-branding campaign by Dora Akunyili? The first time I heard about this re-branding, I laughed it off as a mere blip of lazy thought by over fed politicians. To my bewilderment, a full report was later to be submitted by a re-branding committee on how to re-brand NIGERIA. I knew immediately that things are actually more serious than I initially thought. I reflected on the whole making called Nigeria, the hope I entertained when OBJ took over as civilian president, how Nigerians said NO to his third term bid, the transition (transparent or not) to another civilian government, the hope that somehow things will begin to take shape. But I paused as the word/phrase/term (which ever you choose to call it) re-branding entered my thought. I then asked myself, do we actually know our problem. One can only provide a lasting solution to a problem when one understands the problem itself. I personally do not think that it takes rocket science to do that.

This re-branding campaign by Dora sounds to me like a classic tale of chasing shadows. In spite of her excellent track record and achievement at NAFDAC, Dr Akunyili personally decided to re-launch her celebrity status by taking up the biggest show of shame in history. What I am left to struggle with now is how to reconcile Dora the NAFDAC guru and Dora the re-brander. What has even turned out to be the most ridiculous thing about this whole campaign is that each time I tune into NTAi news (albeit the poor quality of the satellite signal) the constant term on the mouth of every politician is re-branding. What a joke and a very big one for that matter this whole thing is turning into. Was there anything achieved through OBJs heart of Africa campaign despite the huge spending? I believe that we all expected so much from Dora and I personally feel let down and deeply saddened. All the hope that I had earlier entertained has been dashed and I weep seriously for my country.

Anyway, I drifted once more in my thoughts amidst the tears clouding my vision. I thought of all the small boys and girls rooming about the streets of Nigeria hawking one form of good or service, families at the brink of total collapse as a result of hunger, incessant fuel scarcity, university graduates turned into miscreants as a result of no jobs, elderly people dying because there is no one to care for them, the poor state of infrastructure and low capacity utilisation, the poor state of disrepair of all the death traps called main roads, the police, high robbery and burglary rate and so on. I then weighed the $1million (from unconfirmed source) well justified spending cap of public funds on this bogus project and thought to myself are there no better means to put this money and the fact that the budget was quoted in dollars and not in naira.

What this whole campaign tells me is that we want as a nation, to carry out an image laundering exercise (i.e. invariably admitting a nationalised 419 status) which I consider as a CRIME. My deepest worry now is that should we manage to score a point from this exercise and say for instance be able to deceive a foreigner into trusting and coming to Nigeria either for investment or to take a tourist holiday. Does this campaign provide for any extra security of these innocent people? Have we thought of what the implication will be if such persons get robbed of their belongings, kidnapped or even killed? Please what image management campaign did Ghana carry out to attract US President Barrack Obama?

It is time that we get wise and say a BIG NO to this wasteful spending of tax payers money and of valuable time as well. Like the King Herod washed his hands off the death of Jesus Christ, I wash my own hands off the blood/guilt of keeping silent, of the betrayal of innocent foreigners we want to deceive into visiting Nigeria, robbing them of their belongings, kidnapping them for ransom or even killing them. I rest my case.

Forumites please what are your thoughts?

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Politics Talk

What is the rationale for re-branding? Mrs. Rebranding should start from herself. As a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is she not involved in under-the-table deals? Has she not awarded or cause to be awarded frivolous contracts? We are still waiting for her reactions to the recent scandal in the press over her award of contracts to companies that never exist on the records of the Company Registry in Nigeria. Re-branding is another language for corruption in high places!


Loved it,
Young Tunde
In defense of Dora's "re-branding" campaign, it is a good thing. For the first time in recent memory we have a govt that is starting to show some sign of thinking and actually doing something to defend the country from lies and media propaganda. No nation has successfully emerged from third world to a developing society or developed society without some form of 're-branding" or its own propaganda.
Think about it, for the first time the govt is actually trying to brand itself instead of having other countries and media brand it. Africa is not marketable. It the least marketable continent on planet earth. No country in Africa is marketable when it comes to anything else beside oil. African countries are seen as war ravaged, corrupt, disease, hunger, and poor. People often ask me "Are you from Africa?" or "do people in Africa still live in trees and walk around naked?" The rest of the world is ignorant of the countries in africa. They only see the terrible and bad stuff which the media projects to them. All the images we see of the continent is of war and disease and children with flies on their face and people with AIDS/ HIV.
We have to learn from our friends, the Chinese. Today, nobody talks or thinks about "communist China". Why? Chinese successfully re-branded themselves with exportable products, tourism, and open market even though the chinese govt is still as bad as before.
Folks, wake up from your low-self esteem mentality. Start believing in the goodness of your own country. Be proud of your country. one thing we do well as nigerians is talk about how bad nigeria is. infact, when two or three nigerians meet, the conversation will eventually end up on how terrible corruption is in nigeria. It has become our favorite past time thing to do: Trash talk our own govt. I understand the skepticism of Nigeria govt. Don't get me wrong, our leaders are uneducated fools with money in their minds. They are inept and have no clue. Just look at the national assembly -- the legislooters.
What do you do when somebody spread lies about you? what happens when people are afraid to come near you becuase of your color and "reputation" of your kind? You fight back and go on the offense. I recently saw the movie "DISTRICT 9". And believe me, it was not favorable to nigerians. Imagine millions of people who saw the movie believing nigerians are barbaric ritualist and a pest to any society where ever they are. Such movies promote bad image for Nigeria. And it is such image of nigeria that we do not want.
Dora's "re-branding" campaign should not be dismissed as fruitless but should be embraced and promoted to work to the goodness of our great country. It is not the only thing going on in govt to promote nigeria, there are other projects too going on. Re-branding is a way to bring all the goodness of this country together and show the world that Nigeria is a walking progress.
The answer is simple, Nigerian leaders are not recognised abroad thats why they use other nationals to embezzle Nigeria's resources.
At the moment Nigerian leaders are often swindled by these nationals so by re-branding Nigeria our foolish leaders in smart skin thinks it will enable the international bodies to embrace them so they can easily perpetuate their decietful acts(this will be the game of death for Nigeria).
Nigeria as a country will be great only if we the followers are resolute in the way we view our corrupt leaders.The accolades Dora received when she was the DG Nafdac was giving to her by the press.Honestly speaking,her feat as DG has been trivialised by the incumbent DG of Nafdac.You don't have to be a celebrity to fight just course,Dora was a celebrity fighting the fake drugs war.
The rebranding of naija started when Dora gave her daughter out in marriaage to a white man.I dnt have any problem with that,love comes in different shapes and colours but I still dnt believe in coincidence.Re-branding project has failed before it even started,what is there to rebrand when the state is in total collapse..The initiator of this thread had said it all,what rebranding project did ghana do b4 Obama visited?Dora shld ask herself this single question.........
Sometimes i feel like weeping for this country. Just when you feel someone is putting his best in the running of the affairs of this country, the next minutes its different. You begin to wonder, could this really be the Dora Akunyili of NAFDAC. How can a nation that is at the verge of collapse talk about re-branding. The re-branding we need now is our politicians, lets have a different attitude towards running public offices. Let our leaders have the interest of the nation at heart, then it will have a multiplier effect on the followers naturally, then we can start talking about re-branding the country.
You need not wash your hands because foreigners do their home-work before visiting a country. They don't blindly or foolishly rush to a country. That said, I am in complete agreement with you on this re-branding thing. There is nothing to re-brand about Nigeria. Nigeria needs a surgical operation to address her multi-facete problems.

The reason Dora Akunyili came up with the re-branding thing is she wants to show her boss, Yar'Adua, that she is doing something in her ministry. Nigeria government ministries and officials lack the necessary think-thank group that will come up with new ideas on how to move the country forward. So, when someone like Dora come up with something, people will jump to it even though there's nothing to it.

Instead of re-branding, I will support re-introduction of War Against Indiscipline. However, even before that is done, the government should try to provide the necessary infrastructure and enabled the enviroment for people to thrive.

Vin (Cool Breeze)Otuonye
It is a pity here. Many of them say am working for my father's land the the truth has become a open secret that most peoples' real behavior can only be know at the contest or struggle for a purpose which you and I know.... "Power" they say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely...... Tell me why on earth why will Akuyinli take this offer info'liar' minister? Did her record or antecedent match that? She was a fool who can not read from the wall that it is a tactics to end her political career. Sorry Akuyili, really you will make money from lie adverts and other estacodes but I can tell you that I can read from your activities that you are highly uncomfortable with your position cos you don't know how to manage such and you have become a puppet and stooge that is used to perpetuate the entrenching evil that had already pervaded the lot of atmosphere.
What of if you reject this position? Do you know it might have given you an edge to hold a better position in the nearest future.
Poor you in this situation which you found yourself and have no control over.
Yes dora let us down, what surprises me is dat she is really shameless. Our female politicians (COS DATS WAT SHE HAS BECOME) these days seem to be weak in character, lOOK at d INEC comissioner case, d woman who claimed 2 av a conscience and later reversed her decision.