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This company was a brewery and distillery, known for its whiskey, which came in beautiful amber bottles; some collectors consider them antiques, although they are not necessarily of great value. The company operated in Massachusetts (with a Boston address) from about the mid 1830s (some sources say Popularity: 187

Was Michael Collins assassinated?

Michael Collins' Death Here are opinions on the circumstances of Michael Collins' death: Read Tom Barry's book Guerilla Days in Ireland. He was the leader of the west cork IRA and accorring to him Micheal Collins was killed by accentident by a raiding party. They were shooting from 400 500 yards awa Popularity: 218

What was Michael Collins involved in from 1914 1918?

AnswerGetting Ireland it's independence from the british. he signed the 1921 treaty.

Answerbetween 1914 and 1916 Michael Collins was working in London as a financial trader in Whitehall London. he played Gaelic football for the London team against a scottish side in 1914 in Liverpo Popularity: 167

How successfully did Michael Collins promote his cause?

Michael CollinsMicheal Collins (1890 1922) was one of the most influencial figures in the Irish rebellion against England, leading to the separation of the Irish Free State. After the Easter Rising, Collins, officially acting as Minister of Finance under the newly erected Sinn Fein government, organ Popularity: 315
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